This Agreement is made by and between the Fittest Warrior (FW) and Powerlifting Federation of India (PFI)

xxxxx Powerlifting Participator/Federations For preparing and conducting doping testing at the following Indian Event:

Title of Event:  

Place and date of Event:

National Federation:

Co-operating partner(s):

Terminology: The term “Organizer” used in this Agreement refers to a FW & PFIor any other entity or person that is responsible of the abovementioned event. The term “Anti-Doping agency” refers to the National Anti-Doping Agency or the named organization or entity, which provides trained and qualified persons for the sample collection.

Article 1, Duties of the FW


1.1 By signing this contract, the FW & PFI is responsible for making all necessary arrangement with the national Anti-Doping agency to carry out the sample collection in this particular event along the specifications listed in this contract. A separate contract between the National Antidoping Agency and the FW Anti-Doping Control Officer (ADCO) to state further details may be signed if so requested by the National Antidoping Agency and supported by the National Federation.

1.2 In the event that there is not an Anti-Doping agency or certified officials to conduct the test in the host nation, this must be notified by the FW & PFI upon signing this contract and the ADCO makes a contract with an Anti-Doping agency of another nation for carrying out the sample collection, or engages other trained and qualified person(s) authorized by FW to carry out the sample collection.

1.3 The ADCO shall make agreements to secure that the sampling officer or his/her assistant is of the same gender as athletes to be tested.

1.4 The ADCO shall make agreements to secure that the Anti-Doping agency provides relevant sampling collection equipment e.g. bottles and documents to be used in testing, bearing in mind the documentation that identifies the lifter and/or lifters shall not be included with the samples or documentation sent to the laboratory.

1.5 In the event that the contract has not been made with any Anti-Doping agency regarding the sample collection, or in the event that the Anti-Doping agency of which the contract for carrying out the sample collection has been made will not provide the sampling equipment, e.g. bottles and/or documents to be used, the ADCO makes an arrangement to supply relevant documents and sampling equipments.

1.6 The ADCO shall make agreements to secure that the Anti-Doping agency provides trained and qualified officer(s) to carry out the sample collection.

1.7 The ADCO shall make agreements to secure that the doping tests are carried out on every competition day during the event.

1.8 The ADCO makes the contract with the AUTHORISED accredited laboratory, chosen by the FW Executive Committee, for performing the analysis of samples.

1.9 Upon agreement with the Anti-Doping agency, the ADCO or the FW representative supervising the doping control arranges the transport, or makes sure of proper arrangements by this Anti-Doping agency for transporting the sealed samples to the AUTHORISED accredited laboratory decided.

1.10 The ADCO or the FW representative, supervising the doping control, shall arrange that the sealed samples and documentation are stored and transported in a manner that maintains sample temperature and protects their integrity, identity and security.

1.11 The ADCO or the FW representative, supervising the doping control, shall ensure that the courier who transports the sealed samples to the laboratory is independent from any of the participating national teams in this event.

1.12 One FW representative, appointed by the FW Executive Committee, collects the Anti-Doping fees from the nations taking part in the event.

1.13 In connection with the doping tests, expenses are covered by FW as follows:

* Material costs for sampling bottles and formulas

* A reasonable compensation to the sampling officer and his/her assistant.

* Transport of the samples to the AUTHORISED accredited laboratory.

* Analyses of the samples by the AUTHORISED accredited laboratory.

1.14 The FW representative, supervising the doping control, decides the maximum number of competitors to be tested out from the sum of the collected anti-doping that shall cover the expenses listed under 1.13 and other documented expenses FW may have related to the test.

1.15 The competition Jury draw lots for the lifters to be selected for doping test. In absence of the Jury, the FW representatives present draw the lots. Preferably, Indian record setters are called for doping control.

Article 2, Duties of the Sampling Officer

2.1 The Sampling Officer(s) is (are) responsible to carry out his duty according to the “International Standard for Testing” established and published by AUTHORISED. The Sampling officer(s) shall be present all competition days to test any lifter selected for testing immediately after he/she has completed the lifting.

Article 3, Duties of the Organizer


3.1 The Organizer provides at its own cost a lockable Anti-Doping Control Room at the venue, which at a minimum ensures the Athlete’s privacy and is used solely as a Anti-Doping Control Room for the duration of the Sample Collection Session, with facilities at the Organizer’s cost as follows:

a)Communicating toilets

b)Electrical outlet.


d)Supply of drinking water and soft drinks. They must be canned or otherwise sealed

e)Table and chairs for sampling officer & staff.

f)Chairs for athletes and their accompanies awaiting tests.

g)Waste basket.

h)Paper towels and toilet papers

Article 3, Duties of the Organizer


3.2 The Organizer provides at least two Chaperones (one of each sex if both men and women competes) to assist the sample collecting officer(s). Chaperone(s) shall not be Minors, and shall not be related to, or involved in the personal affairs of any lifter who might provide a Sample at that Session. All costs related to the Chaperones are on the Organizer.

3.3 The Organizer equips the Chaperones by labels indicating their official position on doping control proceed. All costs due to providing these labels are on the Organizer.

3.3.1 The Chaperones’ main duties are as follows:

To follow all instructions of the Anti-Doping Control Officer(s) in charge.

To attend at the Jury table at any time during the competition when lots for the doping test has been drawn by the Jury or by the representatives of the FW in absence of the Jury.

When personal notification is made to the Athlete, who is selected to be tested, the Chaperone shall keep this Athlete under observation at all times until the Athlete reports to the Anti-Doping Control Officer at the Anti-Doping Control Room.

Article 4, Duties of the National Federation


4.1 The FW & PFI that has signed this Agreement provides the FW, at the request of the ADCO, all assistance necessary to establish contact with the National Anti-Doping Agency, the AUTHORISED approved laboratory and the transport company in the host nation.

4.2 In the event the FW & PFI has a co-operating partner(s) to arrange and run the event, the FW & PFI provides the co-operating partner(s) all reasonable support and assistance in arranging and providing the Doping Control Room with all facilities as agreed upon in Article 3 in this Agreement.

4.3 The FW & PFI that has signed this Agreement takes the full responsibility to the FW for any misconduct of the Organizer in regard to providing the Anti-Doping Control Room and other facilities as agreed in Article 3 in this Agreement

Article 5, Signing of this Agreement

5.1 This Agreement has been made in duplicate. The ADCO of the FW sends them to the FW & PFI no later than six (6) months prior to the start of the event specified on the first page of this Agreement. The FW & PFI signs both copies and return them to the ADCO no later than five (5) months prior to the start of the event. One copy, signed by both parties, shall immediately be returned to the XXXX Powerlifting Participator/Federations.

5.2 Each person who signs this Agreement must be duly authorized by their Federations to make the signing.

Article 6, Dispute Resolution

6.1 In case of a legal dispute arising from, connected with or related to this Agreement and/or modifications or addenda, the body to resolve the dispute is the Disciplinary Committee of the FW.